Tamsaianka is fed of Colombian indigenous musics, some sounds from the East, improvisation and contemporary music, thus creating an introspective sound that emerge from a territory in which indigenous, black and western ancestors converge. Carlos Gómez Montoya plays indigenous flutes from different regions of Colombia, Asian flutes, western transverse flute, saxophone and metallophone. Jenny León Ochoa plays piano, melodica and metallophone. Within the repertoire of the group, there are pieces for duet format and solo pieces for some of these instruments.

The indigenous Muiscas of the cundiboyacense plateau name Tamsa to the offering; the indigenous Wiwa of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta name Maianka to the music. Collecting the wisdom of these two cultures that nourish our life, we call Tamsaianka our offering composed of Ancestral and Contemporary Sounds.

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Sonidos Ancestrales y Contemporáneos